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Address: Wucheng County, Shandong Province Canal Economic Development Zone
Contact: Hujing Li
Tel: +86-5345702808
Website: www.indiandirtbike.com
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   Shandong Qiushi Auto Parts Co., Ltd。 is located in Shandong Wucheng Canal Economic Development Zone, covers an area of 20,000 square meters, with office buildings, materials, product testing center, warehousing, assembly workshop, molding production workshop, spraying workshop and staff restaurant, dormitory life Such as office and related facilities area of 16,000 square meters.
    Over the years the autumn has been engaged in composite products in the automotive and other areas of development and sales. After years of development and progress, the company now has a number of long-term products in the field of composite materials, high-level technical and management personnel, and the introduction of various talents and technology and well-known composite materials manufacturers at home and abroad reached a long-term strategic cooperation Relationship, commitment to technological achievements with the industrialization and application of the field of diversification.
   Companies adhere to the "leading advanced technology, promote energy-saving materials, create a harmonious society," the operating principle of market demand-oriented, with many years of composite products, the advantages of their own products and product experience to car radiator panels, bumper, Foot pedal, fender and other exterior parts and construction machinery parts, modular control room technology development and product manufacturing for the main business, and is committed to the development and manufacture of power products.
   The company has Taiwan-style SMC-specific hydraulic press 150T-3000T six, one coating production line, raw materials and finished product testing center, with the international advanced universal testing machine and other equipment, the production of composite materials, excellent quality, stable performance Has passed ISO9001-2000 version of the quality management system certification and the automotive industry TS16949 quality management system certification, related products have been through the national quality and technical supervision of the detection and testing of domestic heavy-duty car manufacturers.

   The company will use automotive composite materials technology and production management platform, will continue in the aerospace, railway, electricity, telecommunications, advocacy the use of composite materials, providing research and development of high quality safe and reliable products. Strict quality control, scientific and standardized management, high-quality technical after-sales service to enable enterprises to develop rapidly so that the company will become a composite materials products in the field of great vitality and vitality of science and technology enterprises.

TEl: Shandong Qiushi Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
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